About Us

Social Butterfly Social Media Marketing Agency was created by it’s founder, Jennifer Hildreth.
We understand the struggles that businesses encounter when they are trying to get more customers, clients, leads, or more traffic to their website and engagement.
We created a full-service social media marketing agency that not only promotes your business but will educate you on how to maximize your advertising dollar by targeting your specific audience, while keeping your pages fresh and engaging to expand your viewing audience!
Proper branding and marketing is the MOST important factor for your businesses success.  While your audience may be on the social media platforms, Social Butterfly will ensure to make certain you are in front of the RIGHT audience and keep them coming back for more!!
Social Media is currently the unrivaled medium to achieve this goal.
Social Butterfly will create the metamorphosis your business needs!
Jennifer Hildreth, Owner
Jennifer started her career in Real Estate in 1990 and discovered at that time that she had a love of creative advertising, unlike any other realtor, her ads for her listings contained colorfully written content  that  proved to be wildly successful in supporting her sales. The following years brought her into the financial arena where she worked in Wealth Management and landed at yet another marketing position with a digital marketing firm Small Cap Nation where she worked to promote public companies via Social Media and discovered that her true passion was in communicating the message of these clients to the public in a fresh and creative way in order to advance their sales. In the process she acquired several client’s on her own for the same purpose in different sectors of business, such as biotechnology, hospitality, restaurants, fitness and various others. She has 20+ years of Sales experience and specializes in customer service and communication. Her motto is “I aim not to meet goals, but to exceed them.”
Jennifer’s personality is cocktail of enthusiasm and excitement. She loves being out in the field getting up close and personal with the client’s to best understand their needs and goals.
In her downtime, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends & family, playing softball, and relaxing at the beach.